pcwalkdoor WALK DOOR: Walk doors are offered in a 3’x7′ and 4’x7′ single swing or a 6’x7′ double swing with 1.75″ thick door leaves. Doors come complete with all neccessary hardware and are available with optional door closer, weather stripping, and other special hardware items. Door leaves may be solid or furnished with narrow-lite or half glass panels, and are available either insulated or non-insulated.
pcinsulation INSULATION: We offer two types of premium insulation products specialized for metal building construction. MasterTech Vapor-Lock Radiant Plus insulation which has a composite design that consists of polyethylene air bubble pockets sandwiched between thick layers of industrial strength reflective coating. We also offer the traditional WMP-VT fiberglass insulation in a variety of thicknesses and “R” values to suit your needs.
pcvents VENTS: Stocked in 10′ lengths for single or continuous ridge installation, ridge ventilators with standard 9″ or 12″ throat openings are furnished complete with bird screens. A 12″x1′-11″ ultra ridge vent and both 20″ and 24″ diameter circular ridge vents including bird screens, are offered. All ridge ventilators are available with optional dampers, cable operators and operator handles.
pcwalllouvers WALL LOUVERS: Are available in 3’x3′, 4’x3′ and 3’x4′ sizes. Either fixed or adjustable blades are available and have an overlapping design to insure weather tightness. These accessories are perfect for horse barns, truck shops, or any building that you will need ventilated.
pcskylight SKYLIGHT PANELS: Translucent glass fiber skylights have the same profile as roof and wall panels and are an excellent method of lighting within a building. Translucent skylights are available with UL Class 90 wind code rating.
pcwindows WINDOWS: Aluminum horizontal sliding windows provide light and ventilation, and are virtually maintenance free. HS windows are stocked in 3030, 4030 and 6030 sizes. Available in either insulated or non-insulated clear glass. HS windows include latch, half screen and weather stripping.
pclinerpanels LINER PANELS: These panels are coated with a superior color finish that remains beautifully, tough year after year. Liner panels are available in our full range of colors from White to Lightstone, to Blue. All liner panels have a galvalume substrate. Galvalume panels are manufactured of an aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel. Silicon is also applied to provide a highly corrosive-resistant panel. This coating combines the advantages of Aluminum and the superior protection of a traditional zinc coating in one.


Note: Images shown are examples only, actual products may vary.